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Estrogen & COVID

“Estrogen actually is well known for its anti-inflammatory effects.”

I have been lucky enough to attend a recent presentation with Dr. Louise Newson who is a G.P., menopause specialist and has a degree in immunology. She discussed the effects of estrogen on the immune system and how it affects covid infections. Estrogen is in every immune cell in our body. It regulates our response to infections. If we have low estrogen, we are in a pro-inflammatory state. Studies of women who have been infected with Covid are finding that they are less likely to die than men. Fatality for women with Covid decreases 50% if they are menopausal and are taking estrogen. Some doctors may worry that there is an increased risk of clots for menopausal women on hormone replacement. This is true for women taking oral estrogen not transdermal. Transdermal estrogen such as the patch, gel or ring (transvaginal) does NOT increase clots or strokes. Estrogen actually is well known for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Many of my patients note that their joint pain and achiness resolved after starting estrogen. Estrogen helps to prevent cardiac disease and diabetes in the same way; acting as an anti-inflammatory agent.

It was even mentioned that if men are infected with Covid, it may be a good idea for them to take estrogen for a few weeks to decrease the inflammatory response and severity of the disease.

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