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Interested in Food Allergies or Hormone Replacement Therapy? Dr. Marzell is a twice published author on a mission to use her experience to educate patients and other healthcare professionals on the subjects she is passionate about. Her books offer a refreshing take on hard-to-understand topics making it easy to read and quite fun, as she has a wonderful sense of humor. She also includes actual case studies in both e-books to help you understand how her strategies have worked in real life instances.


E-book: Instant Digital Download. Purchase here


E-book: Instant Digital Download. Purchase Here.

"Food allergies are a topic many doctors are not interested in. Most physicians do not want to spend excessive time with patients talking about diet. Conventional medicine gives little opportunity to study nutrition. Unfortunately, much of the disease we witness originates with food choice. Who wants to tell someone that they cannot eat their favorite food? The tick tac toe of connecting disease to drug does not always work. Sometimes physicians and patients must look further and deeper to find the cause.

I have been amazed at the variety of diseases associated with food allergies, and at the reactions I have witnessed. Some patients have had symptoms for decades. A simple change in diet can free a patient from chronic illness, without the side-effects of drugs. Most patients with autoimmune disease have food allergies. They are also associated with mood reactions, addictions, and chronic inflammation. I applaud you for opening this book. It contains 40 years of experience with food allergy work. In your hands may be the key to unlock pain, and pathology. Prepare to have several lightbulb moments as you learn the tools to work with this fascinating entity.

Thank you to the physicians who have taught me the value of learning about food allergies. And thank you to the patients who have also taught and amazed me."

"The purpose of writing this little book is to cut through the confusion many of my patients and other women who are going through menopause may encounter. The press and its forever craving of negative outcomes is largely responsible for the fear and anxiety that many women have developed toward using hormone therapy. Misinterpreted studies have been the major source of misinformation. Untrained physicians have served to perpetuate confusion.

This has contributed greatly, and unfortunately, to the detriment of woman’s health. Hormone therapy is a wonderful tool. It is readily available. It protects so many organs and is so vital to health. Denying this protection to women is like denying water to a dying plant. There is a window of opportunity for women to prevent heart disease. It is to start hormone therapy within ten years of onset of menses. How many doctors are actively advising their patients of this? How many heart attacks are preventable if we follow these simple guidelines for patient care?
I will address the points of fear that may be holding women back from optimum, and vigorous health; the health that they deserve.

For the patients seeking help going through menopause, this book is small but hopefully will help you to understand the importance of hormone therapy and is big enough to quell giant fears that have been wrongly perpetuated, by doctors who don’t know better, and the press. Thank you for reading this, I hope you will find it helpful in clearing the way to better health for you and others."

We want to empower the patient by offering a webinar series that dives deeper into how food allergies and hormones contribute to our health. With education comes clarity, and with that you CAN achieve your optimal health goals. We want to help. To support us and be notified when we launch the class, please sign up above. 

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