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The Miracle Osteoarthritis Treatment


If you are starting to notice stiffness in your muscles and joints, especially in middle age, you could be developing osteoarthritis.  This is the wear and tear type of arthritis which means the cartilage in your joints is wearing out, and you may be noting some discomfort and stiffness from this.  Usually it is most noticeable in the morning, and gets better as you move around through the day.  Now is the time to act to slow this process and help your joints recover.

One of the best tools in treating osteoarthritis is niacinamide.  Even though this nutrient is similar to niacin, it has a different side group and will not make you flush.  It is especially good for the creaky knees evident on stairs climbing, as well as shoulders and necks.

An added bonus is this: niacinamide can also help elevate moods, and has an anti-anxiety effect.  Some effects in sharpening the brain function are so marked that niacinamide has been classified as a substance for prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.  That’s quite a lot for a simple inexpensive supplement to do.

You may be wondering if there are any bad side effects to taking niacinamide.  Since it is processed through the liver, the dose should be adjusted and liver enzymes should be checked for anyone with liver damage.  It may also affect the blood sugar, so care should be taken with diabetic patients.  These cases are best managed by a physician knowledgeable in nutritional medicine.

A safe dose of niacinamide to start is usually 500 mg twice a day.  More may be necessary, and it may take up to three weeks or so to see the full effect.

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