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Meditation Part 2

If meditation can calm our brains, help us think more rationally, and make better choices, how do we do it? Luckily there are people and programs to help us get started. One of my favorites is Headspace. It has a free trial so you don’t have to commit to it if you don’t like it. But I think you will. The voice of Andy Puddicombe will guide you through starting meditation.  There are meditations for specific problems such as anxiety and overwhelm. There are also programs for basic techniques in meditation.  Andy is a Tibetan Buddist Monk, but sounds very down to Earth with helpful hints and directions. Another plus of using this app is that cute cartoons are used to explain complex processes and problems. Who doesn’t like a cute cartoon?

Another great app for this process is Calm. It has everything from bedtime stories to help you sleep, music, meditations and more.

The fact that meditation can grow your brain and train it to be smarter is definately something we could all benefit from. 

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