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There’s a New Kid in Town and It’s Out to Fight Fatigue!


Fatigue is one of the most bothersome symptoms that patients complain about.  Happiness depends on social activity and accomplishment of projects.  Many of us have taken on a multitude of tasks.  Coffee and caffeine containing product allow nerve transmission to be “quicker” and provide a jolt of energy.  Excess can leave us stressed and shakey, sometimes with such side effects as hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias, GERD and insomnia.  Is there a better option?  We are impressed with a new product from our favorite manufacturer, Thorne.  It is nicotinamide riboside.  Many of you are familiar with nicotinamide and its use for treatment of osteoarthritis.  This product is attached to a molecule of riboside.  It will be changed into NAD+ in the body.  NAD+ will directly help the production of energy within the cell, through several biochemical reactions (for those who wish to impress their friends; glycolysis, citric acid cycle, and the electron transfer chain.)  It also works with several enzymes involved in DNA repair.

Why is this supplement different?  The amount of NAD+ provided is voluminous; some studies showing up to a 270% increase in NAD+.

Nicotinamide riboside has been also shown to protect against degeneration of nerves.  One study indicated a protective effect against hearing loss after exposure to noise.

Nicotinamide riboside does not cause flushing that niacin can, nor does it inhibit some of the enzyme systems that niacinamide can, called sirtuins.  It has shown great promise for repairing cellular structure.  Also, in addition to providing a substrate for energy production, it stimulates the number of mitochondria within the cells.  These are the organelles that make energy.  More mitochondria/more energy and cellular repair.

Like to have more energy and fight the aging process?  Come into the clinic for $5.00 off a bottle for the months of January and February.

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