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Sex, Who Cares?

You used to enjoy it.  What happened?  You are tired, busy and your husband thinks you just don’t care anymore.  Did you know that this situation is so common in post-menopause that there is a diagnostic code to describe it?  Hypoactive desire disorder is a lack of libido; interest in sex.  Yes, you are not alone.  It should not be particularly surprising that in order to have sex you need sex hormones.  As a colleague of mine has said,” the department of duh!”.  Men have Viagra, what options do women have?  The main hormones needed for sexual function and interest are estrogen and testosterone. 

Estrogen receptors are plentiful throughout vaginal tissues.  Lack of hormones will cause the cells to change and become dry.  The vaginal muscles loose tone and elasticity.  Infections can occur more easily.  Intercourse becomes painful and who wants pain?

Even if a woman is on a hormone replacement regiment, it may not be enough to provide adequate estrogen to these tissues.

The good news is that by providing hormones directly to these tissues, the changes can be totally reversed!  Estrogen reverts the vaginal cells to the healthy cells they once were.  Moisture is restored and elasticity. 

Testosterone is also important in restoring vaginal health.  Receptors for testosterone are present in the pelvic muscles and the outer vagina.  Without replacement of testosterone and estrogen to the pelvic floor, urinary leakage can occur.  Again, this condition may be reversed by adequate hormones and sometimes exercises to build back these muscles.

Testosterone and estrogen also affect the brain and are part of the desire element in sexual function.  Testosterone is not available in prescriptions in the United States but is available in compounding pharmacies. 

Just remember, sexual dysfunction and low desire in post-menopause is common but treatable.  Providing natural hormones directly to these tissues is easier than laser treatments and very effective. We can help you navigate menopause and get you back to being ‘busy’ and enjoying your sex life again.    

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