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Red Ginseng: Recent Research Tidbits


For those women who choose not to take hormone replacement therapy, one of the most worrisome consequences is heart disease. Many women in perimenopause, will start to increase cholesterol levels, and LDL (“bad cholesterol”). This may continue to increase into menopause. It has little to do with change in diet or exercise, but mostly the loss of protective estrogen. Family trends of heart disease are a clue for risk to the individual.

Sun Kim, M.D. published interesting recent research on evaluation of red ginseng for treatment of menopausal symptoms and the effects on cardiac risk factors. This was a small study of 72 postmenopausal women, divided into placebo and treatment groups. The treatment group was given 3 grams of red ginseng daily (2 capsules three times daily) for 12 weeks. Symptoms of menopause significantly dropped in the treatment group, and cholesterol, LDL, and CRP decreased as well. The LDL dropped from about 78 mg/dL to 60 mg/dL. Cholesterol dropped from 138 mg/dL to 108 mg/dL. Most impressive was a decrease in the thickness of blood vessels, where plaque resides. In other words there was a significant regression of arterial thickness and plaque with the group treated with ginseng.

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