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 Naturopathic physician
Certified Menopause Practitioner



Online Consultations

Every cloud has a silver lining. Although this is a strange time we are living in, we make it a point to look for the positives.

One of the biggest positives we are seeing is the ability to be seen by a medical physician from the comfort of your own home. Our clinic has been staying on top of all the resources we can serve you with during this time and have implemented TeleHealth appointments. It is secure, HIPPA compliant and best of all….EASY.

This means you can have follow up visits right from home, in your PJ’s if you wish. 🙂 By signing up for the Patient Portal, you can:

  • Access your medical records from home
  • Receive Visit Summaries so you can be present during the appointment and still refer back to Dr. Marzell’s advice.
  • Your labs are uploaded straight to the Patient Portal
  • You will receive appointment reminders via email
  • You can upload and share documents with Dr. Marzell
  • You can message Dr. Marzell if you have a concern

We want to make life simple for you during this confusing time and we believe Patient Portal will be your best tool for your health. Keep in mind that in order to request an online consultation from our website you will first need to have a Patient Portal account.

Click below to download your Set-Up Guide so you can be prepared. We recommend setting this up even if you do not have an upcoming appointment so you can access and manage your records. Dr. Marzell will be shifting her attention to messages sent through the Patient Portal vs email requests. This will both benefit you by receiving a timely response and allow Dr. Marzell an organized location to address your needs. If you need to send a message to our office, please register for Patient Portal.

We plan on making online consultations a permanent part of our practice. Hooray! While some appointments will require physical office visits, we strive to make things as convenient for you as possible for follow up office visits.

We want to take a moment to express our gratitude for you. We absolutely love our patients and serving you has been our biggest mission. Your feedback and patience will continue to allow us to adapt to both the world and your needs. We thank you for coming to us with your health concerns. More than ever we are willing to help you feel safe and comfortable when it comes to your health. We are here for you! You are not alone!

-Dr. Marzell, Drea and Candace


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