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Make The Most Of Your Workouts & Prevent Sore Muscles


I am sure many of you are planning to hit the gym in the New Year to start 2019.  It is a great idea for a fresh start and your body will love it, eventually.  But sometimes muscles not used  to new movements can be sore and painful afterwards.  One of the biggest mistakes even heavy exercisers do is drink plain water to replenish fluids lost.  Here are some tips to work with your body to help it adjust to the new regime:

1.  Heat relaxes muscles.  A few minutes in the dry sauna before and after your workout can help prevent soreness.

2.  Ribose helps energy recovery in muscles, especially heart.  It helps stop stiffness and fatigue.

3.  Hard-working muscles that have not recovered are in an acid state-ouch!  A buffered substance will help neutralize that acidity.

4.  Sweating is good for you but replace those electrolytes, don’t drain them further by drinking plain water.

Here is my formula for preventing the aftershocks of exercise:

Drink 5 grams of ribose immediately before exercise

After exercise: drink :

     Ribose  5grams

     Buffered vitamin C ½ tsp

     Coconut water

Now go for it!  Make 2019 a year of joyful activity.

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