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Benefits of Green Tea for Weight Loss


If you are concerned about weight gain, think green tea!!! 

An Italian study published in 2009 in Alternative Medicine Review, investigated the
effect green tea extract has on weight loss. In this study, 50 participants were assigned a
low calorie diet (Group A) and 50 were assigned the same low calorie diet plus 150 mg
green tea extract twice daily. Weight, lipids and a variety of hormone levels were
checked at baseline, 45 days and 90 days.

Group A started at 209.63 lbs, was 205.3 lbs at 45 days and 199.496 lbs. at 90 days. In
contrast, Group B started at 211.956 lbs at baseline, weighed 198.698 at 45 days and
finally 181.436 at 90 days. When measured for statistical significance, the variance
between the weights at 45 days were not significant. However, the weights at 90 days,
were statistically significant.

In addition, Group B had a greater drop in cholesterol levels and triglycerides. But the
most impressive change had to be that of growth hormone at 90 days for group B.
Growth hormone increased 20 % in Group A at 90 days, but increased 321 % for Group
B. Growth hormone can be very helpful for weight loss. It will increase fat cell
breakdown for energy production, and protect muscle tissue. It is particularly good to
decrease the abdominal fat pad.

Green tea phytosome supplements are even better than the green tea tablets used in this
study. They have enhanced absorption through the intestinal wall, and no caffeine!
So when you think holidays, think green.

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