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B6: Cureall For The Human Condition?



Many of us are in dire need of B6 and just don’t get enough.  What is so special about this vitamin?  For those who remember your days in high school, discussing all the different chemical reactions in your body; B6 was there!  As a matter of fact, it is a cofactor for almost every chemical reaction in your body.  But let’s examine some specific functions.

Carpel tunnel syndrome:  B6 helps to prevent this, an unfortunate result of excess work on keyboards.  B6 helps repair inflamed nerve tissue and decrease the swelling that causes the problem to begin with.  Therapy requires up to 12 weeks or so, dependent on the person’s individual situation.  But it frequently works.

Arthritis: Dr. Ellis first noted a type of arthritis occurring around menopause, manifesting with swollen fingers and tender joints.  He found it responsive to doses of B6.

Diabetes:  B6 helps decrease blood sugar, and protects the deposition of sugar in tissues.  This makes tissues stiff and achy.

Asthma:  several studies show a decrease in asthma attacks in people who took extra B6.

Kidney stones:  B6 works with magnesium to prevent stone formation

Nausea in pregnancy:  prevented and treated with B6.

Homocystinemia:  this is an increase in a substance that contributes to clogging up your arteries.  B6 with B12 and folic acid will reduce it naturally.

Do you need more B6?  Some folks have difficulty converting this vitamin to its active form, pyridoxal 5 phosphate.  We like to use the converted form for treatment.

What are the signs of B6 deficiency?  Lack of dream recall!  If you have difficulty remembering your dreams, you are probably deficient.  Dream recall should return on taking a good supplement.  But don’t take it immediately before bed, you may wake up exhausted from participating in your very vivid dreams!!

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