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Vitamin D Protects You Like A Knight In Shining Armor

Consider yourself rescued this cold season with the benefits of vitamin D!

Remember as we continue through Spring the importance of taking vitamin D.  This vitamin is produced on our skin in response to sunshine.  We won’t be seeing that for a long time in Oregon.  Vitamin D wears several hats in the body.  For instance, it helps absorb calcium to build strong bones.  It also helps the immune system fight infections.  It has also been linked to cancer protection.  Studies have shown less cancer in patients who have higher blood levels of vitamin D.

The ability to help the immune system fight disease is extremely important.  Some scientists feel that the reasons people get the flu and other illnesses in the winter is due to lack of vitamin D.  I recommend the following formula for anyone starting with a cold, or even if exposed to other sick people.

I am sure to hear some people surprised at a dose of 20,000 iu of vitamin D, especially because it can be toxic if too much is taken.

This is the difference between nutritional therapy and every day maintenance nutrition.

Therapy is using higher doses of nutrients to stimulate a greater effect, in this case, stimulating the immune system.  I first used high doses of vitamin D when a particularly nasty new strain of the flu virus was arriving in this country.  I am happy to report that very few of my patients got the flu, and the few who did, resolved the infection within a few days!  Do you need vitamin D?

Probably yes, if you live in this state.  There is also a blood test to check levels.  If you do not take a supplement, most likely your level will be from 20-30.  The level to prevent cancers that was found in patients, seemed to be above 60-70.  A level over 100 is too high; and if the calcium levels are high, this is another sign of excess vitamin D.

I remind people that we are unable to go to the beach and lie out in the sun!  So, take your vitamin D and don’t worry.


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