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Sleepy People

Does your mind wander at night? Is good, sound sleep an elusive ghost? Who can responsibly relax to allow sleep to take over when the world’s problems are yet to be solved?  Good sleep is one of the most important factors to provide good or even great health.  Why is it so difficult for so many?  Paul Glovinsky, Ph.D., points out in The Insomnia Answer that those of us who are easily sleep-disturbed, may actually be genetically superior! People who are awakened quickly are less likely to be attacked by predators!  This should relieve many of us from the guilt and anxiety of insomnia.

Have you ever noticed that when you are up most of the night, you are stiff and achy the following day?  The reason for this is that growth hormone is secreted at night.  It repairs muscles, and helps with weight loss.  Disturbed sleep equals deficient growth hormone.

It also can lead to many other health problems.  Let’s look at the positive:  who doesn’t want to awaken in the morning refreshed and ready to start the day?

Unfortunately, many of us push through the exhaustion with stimulants, and then need sleeping pills.  Studies have shown that most of the sleeping medications are not good for our brains.  What to do?

If you snore when you sleep, you may suffer from obstruction, so that even if you are sleeping, you do not oxygenate properly.  Sleep apnea is when people stop breathing and it is not always easy for spouses to tell if this occurs.

Sleep tests can identify these reactions and they are much easier to take now ever.  Most insurances cover a take home test.  Some folks need an in-patient study.  Once identified, mouth devices or “breathing machines” can help to keep airways open so the sleeper can oxygenate.

Avoiding alcohol before bed, or large meals helps as well.  Those of us who awaken at 23:00 am, may have problems with blood sugar.  The blood sugar drops about that time, adrenal gland secretes adrenaline and thus, the person awakens.  Sometimes with a nightmare, especially found in children with allergies.  That ice cream before bed is one of the most frequent food allergens and can cause this.

Investigating why you do not sleep, and treating it can be like reversing 10 years from the aging clock.  Don’t ignore the need for sleep, even if you are genetically superior.   Didn’t you always know that? 😉

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