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Say No to Toxic Lawns



I was driving to work today and as I stopped for a traffic light, I noticed a worker spraying a small segment of lawn.  He had the chemicals strapped to his back and appeared to be spraying every few inches.  This practice is one of the worst offenders in protecting our beautiful planet and inhabitants.  Many people do not even think about this, but the chemicals sprayed so liberally on lawns, are very toxic to nerves.  They can cause permanent damage.  They are also difficult for the body to detoxify.  Sweating is one of the few ways that the body can release such toxins.  Did you know that pesticides, and herbicides can be found in the Artic?  That is how persistent they are in the environment.


They are also found in breast milk!  Some folks think that babies should not be breast fed anymore due to the environmental pollutants.  An immaculate green lawn looks nothing like anything in nature. Is killing every possible dandelion of imperfection worth the cumulative health risks of our people and animals?  I think not!  Why not be a rebel this year and grow those dandelions! Have a contest with your neighbors, see who can grow the most!  Observe the yellow beauty and feel good about barring those toxic chemicals from this wonderful planet!


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