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Coenzyme Q10: What is So Special About It?


There are two main functions for coenzyme Q10; one is in energy production and the other is to provide strong anti-oxidant properties. Let’s examine the first. All cells in the body need coenzyme Q10 to produce energy. The tissues that work the hardest need the most. Malfunctions can occur without an adequate supply of this important nutrient. The heart is without doubt the hardest working organ. It never rests.

The heart actually beats of its own momentum. If the heart lacks coenzyme Q10, the muscle cells lose their strength. This is why coenzymeQ10 is essential for anyone in heart failure. Another condition that benefits from coenzymeQ10 is high blood pressure. One study showed a drop in the upper BP number (systolic) of almost 20 points after a 60 mg supplement was given for 12 weeks. Because of it’s powerful antioxidant properties, coQ10 protects the LDL (“bad cholesterol”) from being oxidized. This is the form that can turn into plaque in the arteries. It can also increase the HDL (“good cholesterol”).

Cardiac arrhythmias can occur when the irritable cardiac muscle cells do not have enough oxygen. CoQ10 will help prevent this, and therefor can be valuable in preventing and resolving arrhythmias. CoQ10 is also in substantial quantities in the immune system, and gums. Adding a supplement of CoQ10 can boost the immune system and heal periodontal disease.

For those who are taking a statin, it is especially important to take some coQ10. Statins work by blocking an enzyme (HMG-CoA reductase) which is essential to the formation of cholesterol. The same enzyme is essential for the production of coQ10; so supplements for statin users are a must. The foods with the most CoQ10 are broccoli, Chinese cabbage, spinach, nuts, fish and shellfish and meats, such as pork chicken and beef, the most, of course, in heart tissue. Beef heart stew, anyone?


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