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Who Is That Masked Stranger: Protecting Yourself Against The Flu


Cold season is upon us! Here are some tips for protecting yourself. Isn’t it exciting to travel to new places? There is something refreshing about getting on an airplane and leaving everything behind, as you proceed on to unknown adventures. What fun! And what could possibly get in your way? How about getting exposed to someone who is in the same airplane and is sick? How can you protect yourself? Short of wearing a burka, there are some very simple things you can and should do.

How about keeping a few alcohol wipes in your purse or pockets to wipe down the arm rests? If a previous traveler has blown his/her nose and then grabs the armrest, you will be exposed to their virus or bacteria. Unfortunately, airlines are still recirculating air without good filtration, as far as I am aware. A mask may seem silly, but it will protect you. I have often mused about a company manufacturing fun and effective masks for just this purpose.

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a gorilla mask or a big clown smile mask? The plain but effective earloop variety is comfortable and can be adjusted to your nose but they can be socially uncomfortable. Try at least a scarf that can be wrapped in front of your mouth if need be. A masked stranger may be a healthier stranger! Who wants to be sick when you reach your destination?


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