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  We want to make getting stellar healthcare as easy as possible, so we have composed a list of our top 3 most frequently asked questions to help educate in our beliefs and ensure complete comfortability. Our top 3 areas of expertise are: Food Allergies/Nutrition, Hormone Replacement Therapy, and LDN in treating autoimmune ailments. Below […]

Our Top 3 Questions Answered

  As data from various studies on hormone replacement therapy for women have been compiled and reviewed, there are recommendations which are emerging.  Cardiovascular disease is the principal cause of mortality in postmenopausal women, and whether a woman takes hormone replacement or not may have a huge impact on her risk.  Estrogen has the potential […]

Menopause: You Have 10 Years to Protect Your Heart

How can you possibly be allergic to a food?  It is a nourishing substance that benefits your body, right?  Unfortunately, food allergies are quite common, and can be responsible for many health problems, particularly the ones that don’t seem to have clear diagnosis..  Factors that raise the level of suspicion for the presence of a […]

Food Allergies: An Old Concept that Won’t Go Away

  The Flu Season Has Cometh!   Whether or not you have been vaccinated for the flu, you still may be susceptible to the viruses currently in circulation.  You have probably noticed people coughing around you, who are fighting the latest.  Regarding vaccinations, it is a little late to have one, hoping for protection at […]

Supplement Bomb for Influenza

    I was driving to work today and as I stopped for a traffic light, I noticed a worker spraying a small segment of lawn.  He had the chemicals strapped to his back and appeared to be spraying every few inches.  This practice is one of the worst offenders in protecting our beautiful planet […]

Say No to Toxic Lawns

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